A karaoke machine is a great unit to have at home or in a club. For you to purchase the right unit you need to consider some factors that include:


Who will be using the machine? The people that will be using it will guide you on the features to look out for. If you are buying it for the kids, you don’t have to look out for sophisticated features. A machine with a beautiful design and essential features such as flashing lights is enough to keep the kids entertained. However, if you are buying the machine for the club or adult use, go for a unit with extensive features. Here you need to consider the echo effects, pitch control, and many others.

Ease of portability

This feature is important if you are planning to be carrying the machine around. If you are moving around with the machine to parties and events, buy a unit that is light, and you can easily carry around. It’s also important to go for a unit with unique features that allow it to be easily contained in a small space. If you are buying the unit for one location use, you don’t have to worry about portability as once you have installed it you are set to go.

Audio quality

Since you will be using the machine to sing, it’s paramount that you consider the audio quality. The quality is heavily determined by the quality of the machine. These high-quality units often have additional features such as voice projection and manual controls for tone, pitch, bass and other sound elements. While they will be a little bit expensive, they are worth it as they will not only make the voices of most speakers sound great, they also will last for a long time. To increase your chances of buying high-quality units take your time when buying. If you don’t know what to look for when buying, ask an experienced professional to guide you.

Video graphics

It’s common for most karaoke machines to project lyrics onto television screens. To make the words interesting, the machines have background images and graphics on the screen. Pay close attention to these graphics. If buying the machine for kids, ensure that the graphics are age appropriate and you can easily change them if need be. If buying them for professional use, buy those that you can turn on and off the video graphics.

Song database

While some karaoke machines feature chips and CDs, there are others that have pre-programmed song databases. If buying these, consider the size of the database. Also, confirm whether you can add more songs to the database. If you are targeting a particular type of people, ensure that the songs are ideal for them.