We have become accustomed to the idea of having our beverages extra cold and that is why most restaurants or such joints offer ice with the drinks that they serve. There are some notable exceptions to this rule such as beer and hot drinks but most of the drinks that you may know of actually taste better when they are iced. People have become very specific sometimes dictating the type of ice they want with their drink.

For those with cafeterias, bars and restaurants or other places where there is a need to serve drinks and food, you may have to purchase an ice maker so as to make sure the customer needs are met completely. Finding the best machine isn’t a simple task. It is not just about turning the water into ice. There are so many options that are available and various factors that will let you know what machine suits you best.

The type of ice maker

The very first thing to consider is the kind of ice maker that you should settle for. There are some two categories that you can select from. If you have an idea of the quantity of ice that will be needed, then it shouldn’t be too hard to make a choice.

Self-contained ice machines

There are the self-contained ice machines. These machines have an area where the ice is made and also a container for the storage of the same. They are quite big and they are capable of producing large amounts of ice than the consumer models. They are small when compared to modular machines. You can have them in countertop or under counter configurations. You can easily fit even in spaces that are tight. In comparison to modular machine, the ice made isn’t as much. They work well for small cafes and small bars. For larger entities, larger machines are required.

The modular ice machines

The work of the modular machines is to simply make ice. You will need a separate bin for purposes of storage so as to keep the ice after it’s made. These prove to be an amazing choice for commercial kitchens that need lots of ice ready. Large amounts of ice are produced and they can be attached to the storage bins.

The modular machines save a lot of space when compared to the self-contained ones. However, they give more capacity in terms of ice produced.

Type of ice

The other factor to consider is the type of ice that you need. A main consideration that every commercial kitchen has to make is what patrons want. The crescent ice or the standard cube ice doesn’t really excite people anymore. Ice flakes and nugget ice, however seem to be exciting in its own right. You should be careful with the ice shape as it can attract people or totally discourage them from coming to your joint. The popular options include gourmet, flake, nugget, crescent ice, half cube and cube.