Overview of latest battery technology and their impact on portable cellphone charger, smartphones, and other battery operated devices

Hand held devices like smartphones and tablets have managed to become a mandatory part of the lives of modern world people. We use these devices in our professional as well as personal lives. It won’t be wrong to say that our lives have pretty much become dependent on the gadgets around us and everything looks incomplete when we lose access to our phones or tablets. This happens a lot when our battery drains out and we do not have a portable power source to recharge our device. Low battery life is one of the biggest issues faced by users of hand held devices including tablets and smartphones specifically. Keeping that in view, the technological think tanks have been working pretty hard on devising ways to cater this power issue. Since we live in an advanced era where developments take place at a very rapid pace, the problem faced by the end users on account of low battery life has also been addressed in a few ways. These include usage of high quality external battery packs or portable chargers to recharge our device while on the move. Such kind of lithium chargers are also known as power banks and have been gaining a lot of popularity these days. Currently there are different kinds of batteries that are being used in such kind of power banks these days.

According to recent studies conducted in the top level universities like MIT, there has been recorded some development on a whole new battery technology. It may be referred to as an anode free lithium metal rechargeable battery that is supposed to be smaller in size while having almost double of the usual capacity delivered by battery packs used in the smart devices of the present day.

This research has been taken under consideration by a company called Solid Energy and according to its founder, the secret behind this high end development is the use of energy efficient lithium metal foils that have the ability to hold an extensive number of ions that is much higher in comparison to the usual batteries of the current day. More ions suggest additional amounts of power capacity so these batteries are supposed to be almost two times more energy efficient in comparison to the standard lithium ion batteries. In addition to this, these batteries are expected to be safer and fast to recharge as well.

The founder also told the MIT news that having twice the energy density of the usual batteries, a lot of innovation can be put forward. For instance, a battery that is half the size of the usual batteries may be developed while it would deliver exactly the same time amount that is delivered by the present day lithium ion batteries. Similarly, batteries having the same size may also be developed as they would last almost twice as long. What’s even better is the fact that the company also figured out a way to manufacture these batteries using the very same manufacturing infrastructure that is being used for lithium ion batteries. This means that the new batteries would not only be relatively cheaper but they would also hit the market sooner than any of us could foresee.

According to Solid Energy sources, these lithium metal batteries are expected to be introduced in the market by November. Initially, they will be used in drones but the company plans on ensuring their availability to smartphones and wearables in a few months. Not only that but they also expect to use these batteries in smart cars by the end of the year 2018.

If these batteries turn out to be as good as they are expected to be, this could be the commencement of a whole new era on account of smartphones and other hand held devices. We will be able to get them for our smartphones as well as portable mobile chargers and other external battery packs to keep our smartphones alive round the clock. In addition to this, the size of our smartphones and other devices is also expected to lessen as they will be using smarter and sleeker batteries. So get ready to use smartphones that are more stylish, sleeker and more energy efficient.